Leadership and Stewardship

Leaders never lead for themselves; they are stewards, in service of another.

Leaders are called to convictional leadership, and that means a leadership that is defined by beliefs, which transforms the corporate space.

These beliefs determine everything else that is important to us.

The culture around us, has its own beliefs and world view, and unfortunately, many essential truths have eclipsed, or are lost entirely, including, the principle of stewardship.

Stewardship must be re-established as a defining principle.

The bottom line is this, no matter the title or rank, we are merely stewards, of all that is placed in our trust.

A steward is someone who realises that they are accountable, for that which is not necessarily their own.

Stewards are trusted with great authority, but similarly great responsibility.

Leaders are invested with influence, and we are called and expected to fulfil our mandate.

Our assignment, to serve human lives and their welfare, plain and simple!

Leadership is trust, and the requirement, that stewards be found faithful.

That’s why leadership is only for the brave!